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Carmen Spoida

Head of People & Culture


Scalable and Compliant

Omar Khan

Head of Risk & Compliance


Sid Viswanathan

Co-Founder & President


Digital Health Software

"With Vertrical’s expertise in software development, staffing, and compliance, we’re able to reach our milestones on deadline and at cost."

Sid Viswanathan

Co-Founder & President at Truepill

"Working with Vertrical, it felt like doubling the size of our team overnight without the need to recruit, onboard and train."

Jamie Legg

Chief Information Security Officer at Volta Technology

How we work

Vertrical's Team is Your Team

Our digital health developers, compliance experts, analysts and project managers seamlessly integrate with your team to meet your development goals. We focus on the challenges that digital health development offers: from patient data and electronic health records, to wearable devices and online pharmacy development.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Vertrical’s expert digital health developers are ready to integrate with yours, helping you to build compliant solutions on time and on budget.

Product Development

Product Development

Our talented business analysts and project managers will oversee your new digital health product development from A to Z.

Compliant Architecture

Compliant Architecture

Our compliance team and architects ensure that all of the best practices are followed to develop scalable, world-class digital health solutions.

Build Your
Digital Solution with
Our Team of Health-Focused Experts

Who we are

We Develop Compliant Software for Top Digital Health Companies

Vertrical helps fast-growing digital health companies develop and deploy compliant software. From augmenting your development team to managing your project and more; Vertrical is built from the ground up to help digital health companies succeed.

Why choose us

Vertrical is Focused 100% on Digital Health Development

Our teams have the experience and expertise to help your company develop world-class digital health software. Digital health development is our passion. Unlike other agencies who do a little bit of everything, we are focused only on digital health development.


Global Scale

With teams located in Asia, Europe and in the United States, our teams work around your needs and are available at the time that suits you.


Tech Neutral

We believe that digital health software can dramatically improve global health and that the best solutions should use the best available tech stack. That’s why we’re technology-agnostic for projects, but also why we’re experts in all of the relevant technologies. We can work with you to use the best technology to develop the most impactful solutions for global health.

Vertrical is a proud AWS Partner
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