Our Mission is to help Patient-Centric Digital Health Go Global

We believe that digital health technology has the biggest potential positive impact on how we live our lives across the globe. These new innovative technologies have the capacity to help us live longer, happier and fuller lives. Our mission is to help make these technologies available to more people.


Digital Health Should be for the Many not the Few but Regulations & Lack of Local Knowledge hold back deployments

Patient Centric Health Tech Should be Available to All in Society

Patient Centric Digital Health Should be Available to All in Society

Even in the richer parts of the world like Europe and the US, many struggle to access patient centric care. Often this is driven by geography, with rural areas missing out. This is due to the fact that digitalization is slow to leave the big cities and digital health companies struggle to connect with all of the different local infrastructures. We believe this challenge can easily be overcome with the right technology and software architectures.

Think locally, Act Globally!

Think locally, Act Globally!

For years this slogan has been part and parcel of the environmental movement, and rightly so. But we think it applies to health technology as well. As a first step, we want to make it easy for US digital health companies to come to Europe and for European companies to go to the US. To do this, we built a team of compliance and technology experts so we can guide companies through the regulatory systems and help them ‘plug’ their software compliantly into different health systems. After we make moving from between Europe and North America simple, then we will work to add new regions with the ultimate goal of free movement of global digital health!

Health Tech should help us all not just the richest in our society

Digital Health should help us all not just the richest in our society

Many of the most innovative health technologies in the world come from the US and Europe. But even when you look at these two digital health ‘hubs’, you find that many American companies are slow to expand to Europe and many European companies are slow to expand to the US. This is because of the different regulations and structures of the health systems in the two countries. If two of the richest regions in the world struggle to share digital health companies ‘across the pond’ then that’s a bad sign for the rest of the world.


Our Company Vision

We are a global team dedicated to helping digital health companies globalise and address global challenges.

Our modern development approach provides a full 24 hours of work, every working day. Our teams of developers are located across the globe, and their work is handed over to the next time zone at the end of the day. That's 24/5 development power.

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