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    Nils Widal
    Nils WidalApril 27, 2022

    Digital Health and Cloud Platforms Advocate and Entrepreneur.

    Digital health is a growing industry. The COVID pandemic meant that the world had to find new ways to receive healthcare, and the industry has innovated as a result. New health solutions required teams of tech developers, to keep up with the expansion in the industry. 

    New healthcare solutions have changed our use of healthcare systems around the world. Therefore, the industry must continue to meet new patient and physician expectations.

    However, the tech industry is facing major staffing shortages. Finding skilled tech developers, with a knowledge of the healthcare industry, is a real challenge. Not only that, but the United States is facing a labor shortage in all industries. As a result, many US companies have had to look for labor elsewhere, increasing costs for visas and work permits.

    Thankfully, this process is much simpler in tech development. Developers can work remotely, as long as they have the computer equipment and an internet connection. 

    Remote developers can be based anywhere in the world. This provides more flexibility for the tech development companies, and opens up the recruitment search. So, why else should you hire remote developers?

    hire remote developers

    Administrative Costs

    Operating a business of any kind is costly. Most businesses need to budget for administrative tasks and paperwork, equipment, office rent or mortgage costs, utilities and more. Costs like these are required just to keep an office running smoothly. Salaries and expenses are additional to these. 

    For local teams, commute expenses, office rent and mortgages, and utilities are a necessity. Your teams need a place to work, and collaborate with their colleagues

    If you hire from abroad due to the developer shortage, the business also needs to absorb the costs of relocation and work permits. Alternatively, you will need to set up offices in their home countries, which involves even more costs.

    Hiring remote developers avoids unnecessary costs. Employees can work wherever they prefer. This removes commute, travel and office costs. If your employees don’t need an office, it’s worth economizing and investing the funds elsewhere. 

    Remote developers simply need to be supplied with the right equipment to do their job, and have an internet connection. You may choose to supplement their salary with expenses for their utilities, but this will be far less than the cost of running an entire office building. 

    Assuming that remote workers remain in their country of origin, then relocation costs and administrative issues are practically non-existent, too. Reduce your business administrative expenses and hire remote developers.

    Productivity and Flexibility

    Hiring remote teams also has advantages for the engineers, too. Remote workers have increased flexibility in their roles. They can work hours that suit them, and can be located anywhere. Ultimately, as long as the work is done, their hours and location aren’t especially important. 

    Studies suggest that remote workers are around 47% more productive than those in the office. For most people, the home environment has fewer distractions, and colleagues are less likely to interrupt. 

    Not only that, but remote workers avoid a lengthy commute. Traveling to and from work cuts into a significant amount of the day. This is time they could spend completing their projects for the day.

    Your employee's preference will depend on the individual. However, most people enjoy the flexibility of remote work, and the increased time at home or with family. 

    Ultimately, productive employees are better for the development project. Teams that are happier are more productive, therefore the quality of work is improved, and deadlines can be met. 

    Remote working improves work-life balance for your engineers. By offering your remote developers autonomy over their workday, they are more likely to focus on completing the project, so they can spend time on things outside of work, too. 

    hire remote developers

    Widen your Talent Pool

    By removing the need for an office, you can remove restrictions on your hiring process. The tech space is already lacking enough talent to match the number of openings available. Recruitment is made even more challenging by reducing your potential pool of talent with geographical restrictions. 

    By widening your search, you can hire remote developers from all over the world. Quality engineer talent isn’t just based in the US. Tech solutions are built all over the world, and candidates needn’t be restricted by their location. 

    Remote workers can form teams to complete your projects, and communicate remotely. They can also augment your existing teams. In the modern age, it’s just as easy to communicate through technology as it is in an office building. 

    Developers based in other countries will have different expertise, and work experience in different areas of the tech industry. They can bring a new innovative mindset to your projects, and offer a varied approach. 

    Lower Costs

    The US and other western countries have some of the highest labor costs in the world. Tech developers in particular have some of the highest salaries, due to the increased demand in the industry. The average salary for a software developer in the US is around $100,000.

    Other countries around the world aren’t experiencing the same demand for engineers, and labor costs are lower across most industries, on average. 

    By hiring remote developers, you can reduce salary costs, while still receiving the same skillset. Focus your recruitment efforts on the skills you need, rather where the engineer is based. 

    Bear in mind that developers in other countries might not speak the same language, and are likely to work in a different time zone. It’s worth ensuring that there is a touchpoint during the day with management and remote teams, so that engineers stay on task.

    Extended Office Hours

    Hiring remote programmers provides an opportunity for your business, and could increase client satisfaction. As mentioned, hiring engineers from other countries often means that they work in different time zones. As a result, their workday runs from different times than yours. They will be working on the project, while your teams aren’t able to.

    When operating effectively, teams like this are able to provide more development hours per day. Your project is progressing while your local teams aren’t at work, resulting in speedier development. Tighter deadlines can be met, and you can offer support to existing projects or clients outside of your domestic office hours. 

    It’s important to note that your teams will need effective communication skills, to ensure that handovers are smooth between time zones. However, assuming you have strong best practices for programming, and how to transfer from one team to another, your engineer availability might position you ahead of the competition in the development market. 

    At Vertrical, we hire remote developers from around the world. Our teams are based in countries across the globe, with our follow the sun approach. Teams communicate clearly for effective project handover each day. As a result, we can offer 24 hours of progress, per working day. Get in touch with us today to discuss your digital health software development projects.



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