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    Nils Widal
    Nils WidalJanuary 7, 2022

    Digital Health and Cloud Platforms Advocate and Entrepreneur.

    Vertrical is a digital health software development company. We specialize in the development of health technology and digital health solutions. We operate around the globe, with teams of experienced developers, DevOps and more. 

    In late 2021, Vertrical is proud to announce that it has officially become an AWS partner. Amazon said that we have met all the criteria to join Amazon’s APN, and take advantage of all that it has to offer. 

    We are grateful that this has been granted in recognition of our AWS expertise. These benefits will be passed on to our contracts and collaborations, to produce the best in health tech. 

    Here’s why this endorsement is important to Vertrical, and our future development projects.

    What is an AWS Partner?

    There are around 100,000 businesses in the AWS partner network. The partnership scheme was created to host tech and consulting companies that build with Amazon Web Services. 

    AWS endorses the companies on the AWS partner network, as they have met a set of criteria. The endorsement opens up new opportunities for business and development. 

    Typically, those on the APN use AWS for clients. They are categorized by the type of service they offer, and their proficiency. 

    Some of the biggest companies in the world use AWS. This includes Unilever, Disney, Sony and more. Therefore, it is important that Vertrical took this step, to offer AWS expertise to our customers.

    AWS Partner Network

    Benefits of AWS Partnership

    The AWS partner network is key to those in the software and tech industry. It comes with useful benefits for both partners and their clients. Here are some of the ways that our partnership with AWS can benefit your projects. 


    Amazons partner network provides marketing channels for all solutions created using AWS. Business and solutions on the AWS marketplace offer varying expertise and innovative new tech. 

    The APN offers connections to other businesses, and supports B2B partnerships. The network provides access to thousands of other solutions, and experts in the field. 

    The network is collaborative, and all potential customers have a mutual understanding of the space. This networking and marketing opportunity is available to all our clients, and their software and tech tools.


    Firstly, the tech industry is always evolving. AWS evolves with the market, and supports your innovation. Our partnership with AWS helps you to move with your industry.

    The partner network provides representatives for business and technical support. Their support network can guide your business to make the most of the market, and AWS services. 

    Also, the network offers security and legal support. Tech developments, particularly in the digital health space, need to meet the tightest regulations. The APN supports our vision, and encourages the development of compliant tech. 

    APN runs training programmes, for AWS and more. There are plenty of virtual resources on offer, to develop our workforce, and yours. 

    Take advantage of our developers’ tools and expertise, with the backing of AWS. 

    AWS Partner Network


    AWS has been used to build some of the best tech solutions out there. It has had a huge impact on the tech and software industry.

    Therefore, AWS offers the newest cloud and software technology. It is key that Amazon Web Services keep up with the changing market. The technology is used worldwide, and has to evolve and adapt with the landscape. 

    This is extremely important to Vertrical. Wo optimize to a changing world, and continue innovating our development projects. 

    AWS is the best service to support our constant innovation, and we offer that same service to our clients. 

    No Distractions

    As an AWS network partner, we can be your point of contact for your management and software systems. 

    Vertrical’s partnership allows us to handle platform and cloud services for our clients, making our projects more efficient. We focus on maintenance and details, so that our partners don’t have to.

    It’s important that our customers have the time to focus on what really matters. Therefore, we resolve any issues using AWS guidance and support. This leaves our customers to focus on their software development. 

    At Vertrical, we continue to learn more and develop our offering. We are pleased to announce our endorsement from the AWS partner network. Find more information here.


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