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    Nils Widal
    Nils WidalApril 25, 2022

    Digital Health and Cloud Platforms Advocate and Entrepreneur.

    We are pleased to announce that members of Vertrical will be attending the Digital Health USA 2022 event in San Diego. The event is on the 26th-27th April, and will feature some of the leading minds in Digital Health innovation.

    Our CEO, Nils, along with VP, Fred, will be attending the event to network with others in the industry. We will host a booth, where we will be discussing some of our recent projects, and how we can contribute to the future of Digital Health. 

    CEO, Nils, will also be making a speech. He is keen to discuss the future of the landscape, and Vertrical’s place within it. 

    About the Event

    This event is hosting discussions around some key innovations in Digital Health, especially post-COVID. Vertrical is excited to be involved, and add value to the latest growth in the space. 

    The event begins with keynotes and speakers on AI in healthcare, patient care platforms, and harnessing real-time data. Each of these technologies has a firm future in the healthcare industry. 

    We have discussed real-time data previously, and are excited at the potential it holds for patient care. 

    There will also be keynotes on the expansion of telehealth, and how that will continue to adapt to patient needs, alongside discussions on interoperability. Vertrical is keen to learn more about how we can contribute to these changing technologies. 


    Other attendees of the event include key players from the following companies:

    • Babylon

    • Providence

    • Adobe

    • Optum

    • GoodRx

    • And more

    Meet Us There

    Our team is excited to meet as many attendees as possible, to discuss the changing digital health landscape. If you’d like to set up a meeting with us, get in touch here!

    Otherwise, please feel free to meet us at our booth where we will be more than happy to have a chat. Our engineers can discuss your projects, and showcase our latest projects!



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