Project Management in Digital Health


Our project management team are experts in Digital Health software development

Qualified Digital Health Project Managers

Our project managers are experts not only in managing IT projects but more specifically in digital health projects and all of the complexities these projects offer.

Years of PM Experience

PM Teams with Compliance

Digital health software development requires detailed compliance training. All of our project management teams are fully trained on all compliance rules and how to manage patient data.

Hours of compliance training

PMaaS in Digital Health

Our project management teams are strategically placed across the globe allowing 24 hours management no matter the timezone. These experts help you optimize resources and keep projects on schedule.

24 Hours
Of work per day

Project Management Experts

Our team of project managers aren’t only experts in their own field but they are also fully certified and trained in how to develop compliant digital health projects. From managing patient data to electronic health records and much more, our team is ready to help you succeed.


Project Management as a Service Digital Health

Our project manager's approach depends on the needs of our customers. We can either manage internal projects, those with 3rd parties or teams of Vertrical developers.

Team Management

Team Management

Our project managers are used to managing digital health development teams across the globe. They build internal processes, offer support and make sure development work is on time and compliant.

Resource Planning

Resource Planning

We enhance your project planning and offer 24 hours per day management allowing you to do more with every workday and with teams across the globe or down the road.

Streamlined Reporting

Streamlined Reporting

Reporting is critical to project success. Our project management teams build and maintain clear and concise reporting mechanisms, so you always know where your project is and where it’s going.

What We Do

Vertical’s Digital Health Project Management Expertise

Project Portfolio Management

We manage projects from A-Z. From the early specs to development, testing and delivery. Our teams are ready to manage your most challenging digital health projects.

Project Management as a Service

PMaaS is a flexible and easy way to make sure your digital health projects are compliant, on time and on budget.

Project Compliance Consultation

Developing compliant digital health projects can be challenging. Our team of experts can help you put in place the best practices needed to be compliant and successful.

Project Management Optimization

Our team of project managers will put in place processes to keep your project on time and on budget.

Project Scoping

Our team can start at the beginning of a project to help you property scope and budget for (in terms of time and money) your digital health project.

Project Recovery

If your project has gone off the rails and is behind schedule. Our team can help you get your project back on track.

Work with our team of digital health project managers
Let us make your digital health project up to 30% more efficient with our team of project management experts
What We Do

Digital Health Project Management Team Profiles

Project Manager

Project Manager

Our project managers are responsible for processes, driving results, scope, budget and reporting.

Product Owner

Product Owner

Our product owners work with the end-user in mind to make sure the project delivers the best value for them.

Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager

The compliance manager makes sure that all compliance best practices are followed and that all patient data is managed and handled in a secure and compliant way.

Select the Experts Your Projects Require
Case Study

Digital Health Project Manager Case Study

Problem Description

Our customer is an American health care provider with over 125 million customers and $100 billion in revenue.

Online Pharmacy Deployment

The client was developing an online pharmacy platform for over-the-counter medications. This pharmacy needed to manage all data in a compliant way, process HSA payments (and know what could and could not be paid via HSA) and be delivered within 2 months.

Our Solution

Our Solution was to rebuild the reporting mechanisms and rethink the profiles of the developers on the project. We added business analysis, project managers and compliance experts as well as developers who had worked on complex payment systems and HSA payments in the past.

The project was delivered on time, on budget, and the pharmacy got over 1 million views in the first week and over $1 million in revenue in a few months

Customer Testimonial

With Vertrical's expertise, we're able to reach our milestones on deadline and at cost.

Scaling up health tech can be a challenge, from logistics and compliance to different architecture norms. With Vertrical's expertise in software development, staffing, and compliance, we're able to reach our milestones on deadline and at cost, ultimately providing our customers with the seamless healthcare experiences they deserve.

Sid Viswanathan,President atTruepill

Project Summary

Building an online drugstore for millions of patient visits per day, including managing HSA/FSA in a seamless patient experience.

+ 50
Team Size
+ 12 months
Node.js, Typescript, React.