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Hire a team of Python developers with extensive experience in building digital healthcare, AI, and machine learning solutions

Digital Healthcare Python Developers

  • Patient-Obsessed
  • Vertrical Python developers are all trained and experienced in creating solutions for the Healthcare sector.
  • 100% Staff trained to handle patient data

World Class Developers

  • Top Back-End Engineers Global
  • Vertrical hires the most qualified engineers globally and ensures that they continue with regular training and certifications.
  • 5 Regional Headquarters

Global Footprint, US Healthcare Focused

  • Premium Qualität
  • Vertrical engineers can be associated with BAs, PMs and QAs to ensure that every piece of code is complaint & scalable.
  • 10 Days to start a project

Meet Our Team

Dear Partner,

Vertrical’s team of Python developers would be glad to assist with any complex back-end tech and machine learning solutions that you are developing. We can reinforce your existing teams or build web services and solutions as a third-party provider. We have staff close to your Headquarters or around the world to work 24/7 organized using a Follow the Sun architecture. We are at your service and welcome your business.

Nils Widal
Co-Founder & CEO


Our engineers use a combination of tried and true best practices with the latest and most up-to-date frameworks for machine learning.

Asyncio for Python
Asyncio for Python
Our Back-End Developers and Lead Python Developers are ready to help you with your Digital Health solutions. Schedule a Free Consultation today.
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Customer Testimonial

With Vertrical's expertise, we're able to reach our milestones on deadline and at cost.

Scaling up health tech can be a challenge, from logistics and compliance to different architecture norms. With Vertrical's expertise in software development, staffing, and compliance, we're able to reach our milestones on deadline and at cost, ultimately providing our customers with the seamless healthcare experiences they deserve.

Sid Viswanathan,President atTruepill

Project Summary

Building an online drugstore for millions of patient visits per day, including managing HSA/FSA in a seamless patient experience.

+ 50
Team Size
+ 12 months
Node.js, Typescript, React.