We help you deploy scalable & compliant Health Tech

Health Tech product and IT teams rely on Vertrical to deploy tailored microservices and apps that handle sensitive health data.

“Working with Vertrical means working with teams of experts who deliver scalable and secure microservices on time and at cost”

Scott Arden-Jones

Head of UK Engineering at Truepill

“We are thrilled to work with a partner who truly understands data security and SecOps best practices.”

Jamie Legg

CISO at Halo Screenings

How we work

From software leadership to commit

Vertrical follows a rigorous but agile process to integrate our product owners, business analysts, technical leads and engineers within your teams seamlessly.

Start with WHY

We interview you to understand your market and who are you targeting to understand what regulations and constraints apply.

Audit your software

Our Health Tech experts interview and study your code to understand your technology’s strengths and weaknesses will lie as your company grows exponentially.

Draft a software roadmap

From removing technical debt, helping you get certified to adapting your technology for a new market you are planning to open, we discuss a roadmap over 6 - 12 months which prioritizes your technical tasks based on your business needs.

Audit your Health Tech software for security and compliance

Who we are

Health Tech expertise turns compliance in an unfair advantage

Vertrical helps fast growing health tech companies deploy microservices that follow best practices in patient data management. Our customers handle sensitive patient data and comply with regulations like:


Why choose us

Integrate the Health,Insurance and Pharma ecosystems

Our teams have the experience and expertise to allow your company to focus on value, while we focus on deploying and maintaining this complex but essential data plumbing.

Global scale

With teams located in Asia, Europe and in the United States, our teams work around your needs and are available at the time that suits you.

Patient-obsessed, technology neutral

We focus solely on creating the most value for patients and the Health ecosystem. We have no technology preference as long as the technology fits your needs and constraints.

Our experts have already deployed production-level applications with the following Tech Stack components

javascript and typescript
elastic search stack

Audit your Health Tech software for security and compliance