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Our Objectives

Vertrical is an international, Germany based software developing and consulting company. We craft solid and highly scalable software. Our development process is 100% success driven.

Consulting & Field Engineering

We offer consulting on technology, infrastructure, feasibility and verify your ideas and vision.

DevOps & CI/CD

We build your Azure, AWS or custom landscape. We emerge CI/CD, well designed, tested and automatized deploy pipelines.

Pair Programming

Critical integrations will always be programmed with two developers. This might sound odd, but prevents bouncing of features and saves time and money.

Code Reviews

Every code merge request will be reviewed by at least two developers. We work in GitFlow.

Exchange & Gain Knowledge

We continously provide and attend workshops and conferences, like the awesome NodeConf EU.

Contribute Open Source

We love the Open Source Community, the various ideas and awesome heads and we believe that this is the future.

build your dream product

Vertrical’s dedicated to deploy fast and iterate in an intelligent agile approach. Get results soon, discuss and adjust.

and be a hero

Present your company as the hero you are and show that to your customers.

We at Vertrical quickly adapt to requirements and changes in your TechStack

Nonetheless, these technologies should give you an overview, what are good practises to use to focus on product.
  • We put a lot of effort in vision and design.
  • We deliver outstanding products for our customers.
  • We always love to help, learn and grow together.
  • We are flexible yet efficient in our processes.


Our team has worked in several important and fascinating industries. These include the following, but are not limited to it.


In the financial technologies, we have automated systems, which handle payment reconciliations or detect possible fraud.


In automotive we provided a data integration system for customer relations.

Health Care

Helping nursing services to significantly safe time when measuring systolic and diastolic blood pressure, insulin delivery or daily wellbeing.

Video Streaming

Calculated video visibilities based upon licenses and forwarding those via streaming tools to our downstream consumers.


Provided platform for local retailers to learn how online shopping works, in a learning by doing approach.

Social Media

Offering students the possibility to meet and get to know each other via activities based on same interests.

Work Process

We provide objectives and key results, enforce agile working methods in Scrum or Kanban.

Tell us what you need

Let’s talk about your basic objectives and define key results together. Sometimes it is hard to tell what the final goals are. We are glad to help you to not loose focus on what matters.

We tinker in short iterations

Let’s work on well designed features to meet objectives. (Bi-)weekly results presentations, post mortems and refinements with the team are mandatory.

Deploy high quality software

We aim to continuously deploy (bi-)weekly to production to continuously deliver value to you an your customers.

Former Clients

Our clients we served with joy and passion.


Automated solution for processing client payments based on a decision tree at FinTech Dept.
NodeJS, Microsoft Azure Functions, SLS, MSSQL, Jest

Truepill Ltd.

Integration partner for Pharmacy client and Pharmacy API.
AWS, Google Cloud Platforms, NodeJS, React, Jest


Automated solution for bundling contracts for benefits.
Microsoft Azure, Python, CosmosDB, Stored Procedures


Asset license management processor and UI for handling visibilities on videos.
NodeJS, Kafka, React, Docker, MongoDB, AWS, Python, Grafana, Jest, Chai

Immowelt AG

Event Stream based solution for companies real estate workflows.
AWS ECS, EC2, Cloudformation, MSK (Kafka), C#, Typescript, Jest


Mobile application for iOS and Android handling insurance data.
Corodova, NodeJS, Docker, MongoDB, AWS, Jest

People in Charge

We are a comprehensive team of professionals and engineers. Coming from four European Countries, we successfully worked remotely from the beginning.
We also consult in Ways of Working Remotely.
In people I trust️

Nils Widal

Stay humble

Marko Jakic


Aleksandra Milisavljevic

The key is empathy

Daniel Fischer

Design is communication

Wendy Kok

We believe, working with a software company works best, when there is trust in every single member of our team.
We at Vertrical have thoroughly selected our team members and can vouch for the deep knowledge, professional way of working and passion of every single one.
Our current team includes designers, project managers, senior fullstack engineers, product owners, data scientists with focus on machine learning, QA engineers and cloud solution architects. This enables us to provide assistance from the idea or product vision to the successful roll out.
We are constantly growing. Therefor, we have the possibility, even on short notice, to scale the team fitting to your needs.

Get in touch

We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas but also understand that a smart concept should be supported with measurable results.
Office Address:
Mozartstr. 28, 89075 Ulm, Germany
Core Hours:
10:00AM to 4:00PM CET